Many Vietnamese, the Buddhists to be precise, believe in reincarnation and karma. Reincarnation being the (almost) never-ending cycle of birth and death: your body will die, but your soul will live on in its next life. And the next, and the next etc. Karma is basically the sum of your actions in this and previous lives, that will determine what your next life will be like.

The logic of karma is quite straightforward. Did you use your hands in this life to do something bad? In the next life you won’t have hands.

Have you been mean to others? You will be one step further away from nirvana (the highest state one can reach, you step out of the circle of reincarnation) and lead a low-class life.

The Vietnamese Buddhist Association made an extensive list of ‘Karma do’s and don’ts’ , and put it up in our street. I hope it’ll help us all to live happily ever after.