Every now and then, I feel that I should spend my Saturday night in a Vietnamese club. I’m in Vietnam after all. But every time I go, I realize it’s just not for me. It’s simply not fun (apart from this one). The clubs are filled with groups of 8 people, all sitting or standing around a table. They might be friends, but they don’t interact with each other. Apart from the occasional ‘cheers’. No talking, no dancing, no laughing. They just stare in the distance, and drink from the most expensive bottle they can afford.

They one thing that makes it even worse, is the music. A local EDM (a genre that I don’t like anyway) variation that would best be described as ‘simple, fast and loud’. They call it ‘Vina House’, and more often than not it’s played by girls in bikini.

Well, see for yourself what you think of it: